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My Wild West Guns 50 Alaskan

45-70, 457 WWMag vs 50 Alaskan shell comparison-Photo courtesy of Wild West Guns

                                                                   Wild West Guns- 50 Alaskan

                                                                      Barrel length 18.5 inches
Power chart- Photo courtesy of Wild West GunsRecoil Control Porting System
WWG Kevlar stock
Pachmayr Decelerator pad
Action tuned
WWG Trigger Happy Kit installed
Safety Vented Magazine Tube
WWG Ghost Ring Rear Sight
Williams Fire Sight in red with Skeletonized hood
Mil-Spec Parkerized finish
      Scout scope system-Leupold with   Warne QD mounts
                   WWG big loop lever
                  Tactical flashlight rail

Aside from the "awesome" factor associated with the Wild West Guns 50 Alaskan, it is a fantastic rifle designed to stop a bear that has decided he just might want a taste of you.

The first day I received this rifle in 2008 some friends and I were on the Kenai river just below Cooper Landing, we were looking for bears as this was one of my buddies first trip to Alaska. Having spotted a Grizz on the opposite shore we stopped to try and get a few photos. By the time we parked and walked to an opening on the river the Grizz had swam across to our side and had run off the tourists in a spot that looked perfect for looking down river at the bear for pictures. If you have ever visited that part of Alaska you are familiar with the fact that most areas on the Kenai river are thick with brush and in some areas a machete is needed for access. We walked down to the small open area a few feet above the river and we were unable to see the bear, we waited a minute or 2 and I then suggested we continue driving up the highway as their are always bears in this area when the salmon are running. We started up the slight incline leading to the road when Brooke turned around and yelled for me to turn around, as I turned I saw the big grizzly boar not 10ft behind me going from my right to left. I am convinced that things might have turned out all together different had it been a sow with cubs, but I think the big boar had salmon on his mind and I was of no threat to him or his salmon running up stream, he glanced my way and continued on his journey upstream to where I assume he thought he might find a quick meal compliments of the combat fisherman.

For the first time in the 20 plus years I have been visiting Alaska since moving away I was not carrying a firearm on the Kenai river when the above incident happened, I relearned my why you carry a firearm lesson as I did my first lesson so many years ago near Summit Lake.

Back to the rifle, I bought this rifle as a bear stopper first and foremost. I spend alot of time on the Kenai and other areas that have plenty of bears with hunters and anglers in wheelchairs and with other disabilities, they don't necessarily have the mobility to deal with a charging bear, although I have seen a few power wheel chairs that would give a Ford Mustang a run for the money. I needed something short, lightweight and with lots of power to throw heavy lead at a charging bear. A 45-70 would have certainly filled the bill but I wanted just a little more oomph when I pulled the trigger. I have put roughly 80 target rounds or so through the rifle so far and it has performed flawlessly with each pull of the trigger, early on though I found that for the rounds to cycle and eject properly I had to cycle the lever quickly as I might if I was in a dangerous situation, now after working the action so much the action has smoothed out and rounds will eject now at most any speed of the lever.

I enjoy and have so much confidence in this rifle that I found a Marlin Guide Gun in 45-70 for a great deal and I am sending it to Wild West Guns for a 50AK conversion and the takedown option to be done for one of my best friends that helps me on most every project with our wounded soldiers. I am sending in the one above at the same time to also have the take down option completed as I love the idea of the rifle being so compact. My teenage sons that will begin hunting with me in Alaska this year will be getting their own WWG rifles in 45-70 very soon.

Link- Wild West Guns    

Five stars all the way.


Doug Warren- September 2008

Founder-Alaska's Great Outdoors

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